Dick & Kathy

We want to say a big “Thank You” to both of you for organizing a most wonderful arctic cruise and our extra day in Nome.

The naturalists/guides were world class! They were all multi-national and very conversant in English.  They all knew their fields inside & out, and could cover for each other.  They’d billed this as an “expedition cruise” and indeed it was, and very well executed.We were impressed at how professional and efficient Ponant was in using their Zodiacs.  We probably used them a dozen times over the fifteen days,  and we never had a glitch.  We’d never used them before.Ponant would get them launched very efficiently as soon as we’d anchor to see wild life or interesting sites.  Three men would help each person into the bobbing raft, sometimes frail and unsteady, but with the arm to arm grip which they taught us beforehand you felt very secure.

The trip easily met our expectations. The highlights were seeing a polar bear and her cubs on an ice floe, watching dozens of walruses slithering on and off the ice, visiting and being entertained by indigenous people in their own environments, watching a brown bear slip into the water and swim across a river, and observing the countless whales and thousands of varied birds in their home habitats.

And a special thanks to Richard for inviting us to visit the old homestead and lining us up with Richard “Hello Central” Benneville.

All the best,
Dick & Kathy